Meet James (ChaChaCha)

Hello there, my name is James Mitchell. My very first camera was a gift given to me by my grandfather when I was in high school. And I was completely hooked. I love taking pictures as they are. I have been a professional photographer since I graduated  with a degree in Journalism.  Taking pictures of events and news as they happen was what I always wanted. Fortunately, I apprenticed and was eventually hired in a major publication as a photographer.

I first took wedding photos by accident fifteen years ago. My brother was getting married that time and I volunteered to capture those moments. I used my experience in taking photos in the field and was tremendously pleased that the family and friends appreciated the outcome.

From then, by word of mouth, I began taking friend’s weddings and eventually, their friend’s friends. I quit my work in the paper and established Cha-Cha-Cha Photography. I shoot documentary style with a little mixture of group shots mum and dad would like. To complete the story, I would ask a photo shoot of the couple for those shots that will proclaim serenity and love.

I have done almost all kinds of weddings, private or a large reception. Been everywhere in London and beyond. I’ve shot weddings in Spain, Ireland, Switzerland and Vietnam for that destination wedding.

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