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What Happens on your Big Day?

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To address your queries before hiring a photographer, let me answer those common and frequently asked questions.


What is your style of photography?

80 to 90% of pictures I take are documentary style. It is focused on capturing candid moments during your wedding day – from the preparation to the reception. I put all these shots in a narrative presentation. 10% are photo shoots of the couple before the wedding. Many couples want shots as they appear fresh and not harried. The other 10% are posed shots or group shots as tradition dictates and most certainly would please the parents.


Do you travel for weddings outside the city or country?

As a former photojournalist, I have travelled almost everywhere and there’s nothing I would trade the studio for a day or two for than do your destination wedding.

 How do you present your albums? When do we get them?

Expect to get engagement and wedding photos 4 weeks after the date. It will be sent to your Gallery. 2 to 3 weeks for the album consultation and photo proofing. 12 to 14 weeks for the final album.


Should we see each other before the ceremony?

Absolutely. We arrange a 10 to 20 minutes meet up dressed up. Couples talk, relax and enjoy each other before facing the crowd and day ahead. Pictures during this time are fresh  and stunning.


Are other guests allowed to take pictures with their gadgets? It is not a problem. However, in the name of documenting the event, we will be announcing to all guests before the wedding about our task of documenting the wedding and that in no way are we to be interfered.


We may want to give you a shot list.

While I use documentary style, I use my own way of capturing those moments. 6 weeks before the wedding, you must give a list of family and guest for identification and for photos to be taken.


For payments schedules, retainer and insurance issues, let’s talk further when you email me.